In the book of Acts we learn a gem of wisdom from the Lord that is not recorded in other books of scripture, “Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). There are many ways to give. One of the profoundest ways we can give is through our time and attention to others. Below are many ways you can join our community in serving those around you.


the hungry

Of the many parables Jesus taught few more eloquently describe our obligation to help our neighbor than His words found in Matthew chapter 25, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” At St. Mark’s you can help feed the hungry by participating in our Food Pantry or Garden.

Hildegard's Food Pantry

Hildegarde's Food Pantry is a vibrant outreach ministry of the Cathedral Church of St. Mark dedicated to providing food to those in need. Hildegarde's serves upwards of 30,000 per year, and is staffed by close to 90 volunteers. Volunteers distribute food to hundreds of families in need every week. In addition, volunteers unload boxes, stock shelves and qualify families to receive food.

Pantry hours are Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday from 11:00-1:30 and Thursday Evening 5:00-6:30.

More information can be found at the food pantry page.
Ministry Head: Bill Downes

Food Pantry Garden

A simple outreach ministry that provides tomatoes and peppers to Hildegarde’s Pantry, the cathedral’s on-site food bank.

This ministry does not take a great deal of time. In the spring we spend one Saturday clearing and planting. Due to an automatic watering system, little time is needed until August or September, when the crop ripens. Volunteers then pick the produce until the first frost, following which the garden gets put to bed for the winter.

Last year we donated more than 650 pounds of tomatoes to the food pantry. All are welcome to help.
Ministry Head: Judy Atherton


Ministering to
Our Neighbor

Reaching out to the sick and afflicted is an important ministry at the Cathedral Church of Saint Mark. Whether it’s compassionate pastoral care, assisting the homeless, or reaching out to those who are physically unable to attend worship services, your presence can make a real difference.

Community of Hope

The Community of Hope’s mission is to create a community steeped in Benedictine spirituality to serve others through compassionate listening.

Community of Hope members serve in a variety of settings, including parishes, hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and hospices. A program of in-depth training and formation prepares members for this work and contributes to their own spiritual development. To become a member, a 12-lesson training course is offered.
For more information, ministry head below or visit the website.
Ministry Heads: Carolyn Erschler and Chris LeCluyse

Family Promise

Twice a year, St Marks hosts up to five families experiencing homelessness. Family Promise is an organization that assists low-income families to achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.
Ministry Heads: Pat Hart and Tom Melton


Feed My Sheep is a caring lay ministry, with clergy support, dedicated to serving the needs of parish members and their families who are temporarily or permanently unable to attend church due to physical handicaps, age, adverse health, home or residency confinement, transportation or other difficulties.  Service includes meaningful support in meeting the social, spiritual, and physical needs of parish members by personal visits, correspondence, telephone contact, transportation, meal preparation and prayer. We meet the third Sunday each month after church services.
Ministry Head: Sheila Bilbrey

Health and Wellness

The health & wellness committee oversees the health needs of the congregation primarily by sponsoring the annual health fair and flu clinic every fall.
Ministry Head: Josie Stone

Laundry Love

Laundry Love is a joint ministry of All Saints and St Mark’s. Volunteers meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Century Laundromat (910 W. North Temple) to do laundry for free for the poor and needy in Salt Lake City. Volunteers work in two shifts: 4:30-6:00 PM and 6:00-7:30 PM.
Ministry Head: Pat Hart


through Music


The Choir is the heart of the music ministry at St. Mark’s.  The Choir sings for Sunday services at 10:30 September through May (sometimes a little into June), as well as for special services throughout the year such as Advent Lessons and Carols (usually the first Sunday of Advent), Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and occasional special services such as Ordinations taking place at the Cathedral.  Members of the Choir are extraordinarily dedicated in the sharing of their musical gifts, and form a special community within the larger St. Mark’s Community.  Several choir members also play other instruments, and instrumentalists from outside the Choir sometimes join us for special events or musical numbers.

Choir rehearsals take place in the choir room each Thursday during the choir year, 6:30-8:15 PM, and Sunday morning 9:45-10:15.  Extra rehearsal is held each Sunday before this, 9:15-9:45 AM, for those who cannot make rehearsal Thursday or who would like extra practice.  If you are interested in joining the Choir, otherwise being part of the music at St. Mark’s or exploring to see if this might be a ministry for you, please contact:
Ministry Head: Chris Wooten


The Children’s Choir will be regular participants in Sunday worship services and learn basic musical skills like singing in-tune, correct vocal technique, beginning notation, and movement.

The children meet in the Children’s Chapel downstairs weekly on Sundays, 9:15-10:15 AM, and perform monthly at the Sunday service.

Participation in Children’s Choir can start any time and is entirely voluntary.  All children, age 6 and up are welcome.
Ministry Heads: Emily Spencer and Loren Carle


At Worship

Perhaps you have seen the many different people that it takes to make a church service run at Saint Mark's. Without the help of these individuals, worship simply wouldn't be the same. If you would like to be involved there are a number of ways you can participate.


The Altar Guild at St. Mark's is a group of laypersons in the parish who maintain the ceremonial objects used in worship, including preparing them for each service.
Ministry Head: Sue Lewon 


An acolyte is a servant of the liturgy, or more directly "one who helps". Acolytes carry crosses and torches, assist the Deacon in the proclamation of the Gospel and  with the prayers of the people. Acolytes pay attention to the things that the deacon and other clergy need, often working at the credence table. The acolyte also helps with the lavabo bowl and the priest's ablutions. One or two acolytes act as thurifer in the parish. Acolytes help as they are able, and at various levels of knowledge to ultimately make everyone's worship go smoothly. This ministry is open to both children and adults.
Ministry Head: David Evans

Flower guild

At the Cathedral Church of St. Mark, the presence of flowers supports the worship experience. Through their fragrance and form, flowers reinforce the message of peace, love, and beauty. As flowers are present to mark significant moments in life--birth, marriage, death--flowers in our sanctuary also mark the seasons of the liturgical year.

The mission of the flower guild is to let the beauty of all God's creation, especially flowers, serve the worship experience. The Flower Guild is responsible for arranging the flowers in the cathedral for regular worship services and coordinating their installation and removal, maintaining the live plants in the cathedral building, and managing upkeep of the flower room.
Ministry Head: Clarence Bynum

Godly Play

Godly Play is the children’s formation program at St. Mark’s, open to all children ages 4-12.

Based upon the recognition that children already have an innate sense of the presence of God—Godly Play helps them to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience though wonder, art and play. Inspired by the Montessori method, Godly Play serves children through early, middle and late childhood and beyond.
Ministry Head: Brooke Parker


The Vergers Guild of St. Mark’s Cathedral is a ministry of the Cathedral focused on assisting with the liturgy and the safety of its congregants. It is a member of the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church (VGEC). Vergers customarily are involved with every main Sunday service at the cathedral, also assisting at special services such as those of Holy Week and special diocesan events like ordinations and Diocesan Convention.
Ministry Head: Brandon Burningham

Worship Committee

The worship ministry includes ushers, lay readers and lay Eucharistic Ministers.

An usher welcomes and assists the congregation before and during the Sunday services.

Eucharistic Ministers are trained and licensed by the Bishop  to administer the consecrated wine during Holy Communion. Eucharistic Ministers can also be trained and licensed  to administer the consecrated Holy Communion to parishioners who are home bound or in the hospital.

Lay Readers are responsible for the readings of the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Prayers of the People during worship services.

This is a unique ministry that requires special training and licensing.
Ministry Head: Bill Leach


Outreach and

These committees are responsible for making the Cathedral a warm and inviting place on Sundays and at other events. We Episcopalians are pretty relaxed and avoid pushiness, but all are welcome and these committees help provide that welcome.

Communications Committee

Primarily responsible for outreach and communication with parish members and the wider community through maintenance of the cathedral website and social media efforts, recording and posting sermons, obtaining interviews and other material for communications efforts, and overall branding.
Ministry Head: Cody Hatch

Diocesan Book Club

A group which meets weekly on Mondays at 11:45 AM at the Diocesan Center to read and discuss books from a wide range of interests, with a special emphasis on religious philosophy. The discussions are lively, and the group welcomes all and diverse opinions.
Ministry Head: Ernie Hale

Hospitality committee

The hospitality committee helps coordinate our weekly Sunday coffee hour as well as catering for funerals and special events. They also coordinate our amazing team of front desk volunteers—who provide hospitality to the stranger; and help with day-to-day happenings at the Cathedral by answering phones and doors, and assisting our Dean and Parish Administrator with various tasks.
Ministry Heads: Josie Stone and Brooke Parker

Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is the Cathedral’s traditional store that offers special gifts with a religious hint, open Sundays after the 10:30 service.

The goal of The Mustard Seed is to contribute to outreach programs. In the past the Mustard Seed has contributed to The Mitten Tree, Angel Tree, Hildegarde’s Pantry and the YWCA. It has also been supportive of local artists as well as artists from across the world.
Ministry Head: Patty Potter

Newcomers Committee

St. Marks has adopted the Invite - Welcome - Connect ministry model to welcome all into our Parish. We Invite our neighbors to participate in weekly Spiritual Formation and fellowship activities. We Welcome visitors each Sunday, offering a red welcome bag containing information about St Marks and the Episcopal Church (special shortbread, too)! Newcomers are then able to Connect with St Mark’s and parishioners through formation classes and parish events.
Ministry Head: Kristin Reali

Parish dinner Groups

The Avenues Dinner meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month, and the Eastside Dinner meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

These dinners are a wonderful opportunity for parish members to spend time together and have an amazing meal. A couple offers their home to host the dinner and everyone brings a dish, potluck style.
Ministry Heads: Carolyn Roll and Gary Manville


Cathedral Building
And Grounds

The cathedral is an historic building which serves the community in numerous ways. Caring for the building and grounds is a key ministry in helping to create a beautiful, sacred space for worship.

Building and Grounds

A group overseeing the care and maintenance of our historic cathedral and cathedral offices and the surrounding grounds.
Ministry Head: Bob Lloyd

Garden Committee

The Garden Committee hopes to bring members of the congregation together to beautify and maintain the grounds.

Fall clean-up begins as the weather cools when, working with an expert gardener, plans are made for the coming year and the gardens are prepped for winter. Spring and summer see routine maintenance to ensure the grounds and gardens remain beautiful throughout the year.
Ministry Head: Carolyn Erschler

Library committee

The library committee oversees the care and maintenance of our historic St. Mark’s library. They also sponsor our annual Tull lecture series.
Ministry Head: Bill Bynum